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Posted by | Corporate Events, Special Events, Weddings | September 25, 2013

Music has always been my passion, at a very young age I was driving my parents and neighbours crazy mixing music in my bedroom. At 15 I landed a gig learning the ropes on Hospital Radio. It was here I gained invaluable experience and progressed to gaining a full time gig as a prime time Radio Presenter on the local radio. I soon became established comparing for large events such as award ceremonies and charity events. In the evenings I was DJing in all the main clubs in Lancashire.

10+ years later and after meeting my better half who has a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, I decided the 5am finishes in the clubs needed to come to an end and that there is a real need out there for a personable skilled events company which together my better half and I decided to create.

And so Executive Events was born…

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